Frequently Asked Questions

How long has MACE Security been in business?

We are a local company out of Los Osos, California serving the Central Coast, with over 20 years experience. We pride ourselves on high quality conscientious installations of Burglar Alarms, Fire Alarms and Camera Systems. We are large enough to handle all of your security needs, yet small enough to provide a personal touch!

Do you offer 24-Hour Monitoring?

Yes! We offer 24 hour monitoring by a U.L. listed Central Station, for burglar or fire alarm systems. Click here to learn more!

Do you offer Burglar Alarms?

Yes! We offer Burglar Alarm Systems for homes or businesses. Click here to learn more!

Do you offer Fire Alarms?

Yes! We offer Fire Alarm Systems for residential, commercial, residential care facilities, wineries, schools, hotels and hospitals. Click here to learn more!

Do you offer Camera Systems?

Yes! We offer Camera Systems (indoor or outdoor) for commercial or residential applications. Click here to learn more!

What our customers are saying...

My family and I decided last year that we wanted to alarm our house, to protect us from potential intruders. I looked around and decided to go with MACE Alarms. There are a lot of alarm providers in the area to choose from. I found MACE to be highly competitive with their price but most importantly I found them to be very responsive and highly skilled on the installation of the system. I have been very impressed with the simple use of the alarm and professional monitoring.

- Ian S. Parkinson

Mace Security integrates, installs and supports the highest quality line of security products in the industry and has provided Inland Pacific Builders with exceptional service for many years. Their on-time performance, long-term service commitment and dependable responsiveness have been an asset to IPB, helping our company build a strong reputation, and giving hundreds of our homeowners peace of mind. We confidently recommend Mace Security to builders and homeowners alike, for both production and individual home installation and service.

- Dave Daniels (Vice President, Inland Pacific Builders)

Mace Security Alarms installed a system in my home about 5 years ago. The system involved all doors and windows (including glass breakage detectors in some rooms), a heat detector, and 24 hour monitoring at a central station. Scott Mace has personally serviced and maintained the system, making modifications and replacing back-up batteries when necessary. I have been extremely pleased with the service I have received from Mace Security Alarms and recommend them without reservation to anyone seeking a greater sense of safety in their business and/or personal affairs.

- Roger Wunderlich, M.D.

I have worked with Mace Security Alarms on several projects and each time he has exceeded my expectations. Having Scott take care of the Burglar and Fire Alarms has been one less thing for us to worry about. He has met our demanding schedule and taken care of things that occur during a construction project. I would highly recommend his quality work.

- Steven Stillman (Stillman Enterprises, Inc.)

Mace Security designed and installed a fire/smoke/security system in our new house, and it has performed flawlessly. We are very satisfied with the on-time, on-bid construction and installation aspect of the system, as well as the attentive personal care provided once the system was installed and we have moved in. I would definitely use Mace Security again.

- Jim

I would like to express my thanks to Mace Security for the feeling of safety they have allowed me and my family. We have Mace Security Alarms in our home, in our vacation home, and in our offices. The alarms allow us to be away still feel safe and protected. We used to be nervous going to our vacation home. When we would turn the corner on to our street we would all breathe a sigh of relief when we saw our house. Now we know that the house will be there and safe. A few years ago one of the local businesses burned down because they had no sprinkler system or alarm system. The next day I called Scott Mace and had him put in a fire alarm along with the burglar alarm in my business. If there ever was a fire, the early notification could save all my possessions. I wouldn't be without Mace Security.

- Kathy Breska

We are thrilled with the security system that you installed for us. We were particularly impressed with how clean the installation was and how flexible the system is. We would be happy to recommend it to anyone.

- Scott and Sandra Naumann

Thank you very much for responding to my "earthquake call" yesterday. I value your dedicated and professional service your company has provided the past 7 years. I would like to renew my contract for an additional three (3) years. I realize that your business costs have risen these past seven years. If an increase is necessary, please let me know and what ever increased is needed, please include it in the new contract. Regardless of the ending date of the present contract, please extend it for another three years. I appreciate your twice a year billing cycle. If you prefer, I will send you a check for two full years. Thanks again Scott for your outstanding service the past seven (7) years.

- Larry Schryer (Chief Deputy Warden at Corcoran State Prison)

It is a pleasure to write this letter. It is not often that we experience a vendor that is as responsible and meticulous as you are. Your work has always been reliable, on time and completed for the agreed cost. After operating our construction company and resort for over thirty years, there are few vendors that I would write this letter for, but you are one. Your design and installation of our present system is serving us well. Now, some three years old the system is reliable, easy to operate and monitor. Your on going maintenance is, I am sure responsible for this reliability. Our coastal environment is harsh on any system and our lack of false alarms, etc. is a testimony to your skillfulness. Thanks, and best of luck!

- Michael R. Hanchett (President, Cavalier Oceanfront Resort)

I have worked with Scott Mace on my security matters and he has exceeded all of my expectations. I have found him to be very honest, hard working and trustworthy. He has always presented himself in a professional manner, and been available whenever I have needed anything. He is always friendly and willing to help. I would highly recommend him to anyone who has security needs.

- Frank Maldonado

Stalwork has extensive experience with a variety of service providers across many different fields. We understand how difficult it can be to find suppliers and subcontractors who provide outstanding service. Mace Security stands out as an example of a company we consistently use and recommend to others. They are knowledgeable, reliable and very responsive to our needs. Their expertise, courtesy and professionalism are the foundation of their success. A local company with a can do attitude and the ability and knowledge to tackle the most complex alarm, security, and fire protection needs on any commercial or residential project.

- Ben Kulick (Stalwork, Inc.)